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Gucci Mane - Stiff MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

she dont f-ck with broke n-ggas shes stiff
and i dont f-ck with broke b-tches im stiff
and i lowering my tricking im stiff
and you ain't gotta f-ck with it im stiff
i only f-ck with bad b-tches im stiff
she only f-ck with rich n-ggas shes stiff
im talking good game give em so swift
i need a million dollar b-tch cause im stiff

im balling hard like im playing for the pistons
im throwing money in the club you shuld've been gone
super duper balling sh-t is what my wrist on
looking for a super bad b-tch to p-ss on
i chop em off so every verse is like diss song
say she never seen a n-gga throwing this on
he lil [?] to see his b-tch gone
im buying drinks for all my friends i insist on
big watch like the flint stones
i bring fire and brick stones
wearing bottles with my chick on
and getting money with my clique on
we screaming quaterback half a brick and that ain't a hit song


i got to rest a long way and they stiff
so she could tell im getting money out for real
dont mean mixtape but i got that pill
p-ss so much money i could close down phills
you n-ggas hold touches not how im built
a hundred thousand young hoes like wilt
you tryna k!ll me you end up get k!lled
n-gga told me to stay strapped and not just slipped
sixes on my scr-pe 8 big lips
my hat c-cked back my brain on tip
i serve lean beams even serve milfs
how the h-ll im gonna help you when you can't help yourself

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