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Gucci Mane - Spectacular MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(gucci mane)
im a hood rich make a hundred quick when the drop hit
i play the backseat and jam the … wit an ice pick
i cut it wit my left wrist similiar to mike vick
im rolling them fat fifties while you rolling them toothpicks
the impala 06 gucci in the c-ckpit
the block is on lock so you best call a locksmith
… four … catching an dandruff
the purp master vert anthem is …
(get 'em allstars)
five fifty the new benz is special
i own a cell … mary jane say im racist
im reloadin the matrix
im coppin the bracelet
treat the land today this is hotter then ray trick
the teflon don only god can judge him
haters wanna kill him cause they children love him
look at me as your brother nephew or your cousin
dont matter if you're christian chatholic baptist or muslim
cause even politians atlethes and church men
that song kinda thug be holding them down man
whats been going on since the beginning of time man
money on my wrist my fist my mind man
and worry bout yours man why you worrying bout mine man
your nicknames visor cause your blockin my shine man
now too much longer ill be … my nine man
everytime im clippin ill be jabbin with my nine man

(gucci mane & 4 ize)
emacilous spectacular amazinwith the word play
we hittin home runs you aint even get on first base
emacilous spectacular amazin with the word play
you know your boy do it all good on the worst day
emacilous spectacular amazin with the word play
oh you aint know we was snappin in the first place?
emacilous spectacular amazin with the word play
sayin bye bye b a child cya on thursday??

(4 ize)
if you aint got no swag you could invite mine
its four eyes i bust like oil pipelines
rapper fake nig… yous a hologram
im ballin like kobe you just want a man
if you a man where you get all that exorgyn
my word play is so many excellent
i kill a track made by morgan the mexican
and flood the block old testiment
lets get dangerwous
i eat.. like a lesbian
my mouth magical
freestyle gleamin the cube so radical
gotta go had to let 'em know what they dealing wit
making sure they're feelin sh…
old spice buildin kit
knock it over
the hip hop roller
hold the glock to your claucoma
thats my persona
i let 'em hae it lyrically and when
i was rappin before the fresh prince and viv was light skin
aight then a dope boy wit a backpacker
now you can eat the dip .. on fear factor
bull .. keep goin keep chewin
you see my sticker campaign the street movement
stop trippin the plot thinkin
at the luda restaurant eatin lollipop chicken
with a thick stripper and a free hooker
but i kill ya smokin a .. forget where i put ya…

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