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Gucci Mane - Russian MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1:]
you n-gg-s know how much i made on i-20
your baby daddy broke, i bury him in all twenties
i had mad when i was up going like nine cubits
you know gucci had that sh-t for six fifty
in 1995, i ain't have a pretty penny
2005 man, i had that n-gg- ugly milli
the most hated in the game
n-gg- ask 50
i went broke
i ain't never had 160
sometimes i do a show they say they wanna shop with me
so when i think about it i wish i had a truck with me
i might just call a n-gg- bluff
and see if he f-ck with me
my star status n-gg-s can't get enough muggie
my own status can't touch me
no you can't touch me

got a hundred n-gg- rush
hundred n-gg- rush
not a rush with them all with me
rush them all with me
dare a n-gg- f-cking touch me
dare a n-gg- touch me
got a hundred russian n-gg-
and they say the wanna rush up
drinking vodka with a russian b-tch
you know i wanna f-ck
tell her never say a dope again
never say a dope again
whippin dope
i'm whippin dope and not a junkers rushing in

[verse 2:]
hit around the city with a hundred in my pope bag
dropping half a pound a cash
with the b-tch cause she too bad
rush into the room
getting head
and the drop head
she ate the little left
and told me it can win a price tag
rich, i ain't wealthy
just a n-gg- with a big bag
if you ain't work for million dollars
i don't want to chit chat
your baby momma eat a n-gg- dead
like a kit cat
kicking up a never b-tch
never get to chill back
you k!ll that n-gg- for me
i will make you a rich man
kick spice on my kicks
like i can;t find a falcon
before i got in the game
i was selling cherry girl
put her into texting
put her number in the trash can


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