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Gucci Mane - Polluted MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1: gucci mane]
they say a cat got nine lives, but a young n-gga got one of em'
little girl just k!lled herself cause little kids make fun of her
my homeboy was getting money his plug used to sell a ton on him
some of the n-ggas used to run with me be the same n-ggas you run from
some of these n-ggas still richer than me
some of these n-ggas got bigger than me
some of these n-ggas [?]
what a better position for a n-gga to be
some of these n-ggas still down with me
some can't even come around to see
some of these n-ggas be doubting me
when they know they should be crowning me
real street n-gga, real kingpin n-gga
got two, three, four, five families
so much dope in the city feel like i ain't give a n-gga like a gram a piece
let me rephrase that, a gram for free
the apple don't fall far from the tree
what's a stripper b-tch to a n-gga like me
when a half a brick n-gga will whip it up free

[hook 2x]
my hood polluted, my mind polluted
if i pull that pistol out my n-gga i'm a shoot it
my hood polluted, my mind polluted
if you pull that pistol out my n-gga you better use it

[verse 2: gucci mane]
my hood polluted, my hood confusing
my young n-ggas ridin' round with sawed-offs ak's, ar's and uzi's
ain't no pick and choosing
you know how we do it
we pull up four deep in a highbar shoot everything that's moving
last night we got into it
p-ssy -ss n-gga shot up my buick
broke in my house and you stole my music
now you dealing with embalming fluid
sorry to tell you you're man's not moving
chopped off his head now his forehead's moving
ten out of ten b-tch your boy ain't snoozing
got a mac 10 and i just might use it
time after time gotta show these n-ggas
that the gucci mane just don't make good music
talkin' all out what point you proving
why you getting mad cause your girlfriend choosing
i be constantly be crossing the country
these n-ggas constantly trying to prove this sh-t
i'm callin' my partner to bring my choppa
i told 'em [?]


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