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Gucci Mane - Nwa MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

baby, keep me on my pees,
let's break down a hundred pees
gucci guess go thirty three
but i gotta get thirty pees.
i don't even need a reason
they hit you with the heat
issues don't come out to seize,
i'mma stand, they're on my feet.
oh, f-ck you, calling us heat
there's two minute .. on the street
will serve in right down by four season.
n-gg-s find a … weed
peewee got to reason the bills
listen, enough to the story i tell,
the bridge, they came from the mail!
my plug is letting me go!

i'm in the kitchen, counting the benjies
and your b-tch washing dishes and … off fidgets
just to run from the cops when …
i f-ck with you, i'll make it a straight job,
if i don't, know i'mma get you a rewind
got a … should have played for the red stars!

… took a loss, about to text them off
put it to the head, and make it open in a vault
say you got burned, hit all in a…
soon they're just trying to keep, but you're about to get off!

bought a new ap,
but i'm always late
every day is my birthday
now watch me bake a cake!

i finesse the plug for the drugs
even though a n-gg- always show love!
the migos, the npa, chris gardner getting in my blood!
trying to heat my blunt, trying to sip my drink
what a f-ck you think?
ain't sh-t soft around my waste,
unless you're talking about cocaine!

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