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Gucci Mane - Night Rider MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

turn up (repeat)
break the law

[verse 1:]
sold so much drugs today
i think i need to be a pharmacist (what) pharmacist
sold so many pints in the house today
i need a doctor license (what) a doctor license
all these swishers i'm rolling up
i can't get no higher
can't get no higher
ballin so hard
i done blazed two times
a n-gg- stole my lighter
a n-gg- stole my lighter
i'm a lover and a fighter
gucci mane i got a pitcher
running with a lot of n-gg-s
pull up in a spyder n-gg-
my n-gg- shoot fire n-gg-
strapped up like al qaeda n-gg-
pushed more weight than bodybuilders
we done murked a lot of n-gg-s

maybe it's the way i walk
or the way i talk
or the way i move
that makes them young girls choose
it's the do's and dont's
for the can's and can't's
gotta get that bank
rain sleet or ?
gotta get that bank
gotta get that bank
rain sleet or ?
i gotta get that bank
gotta get that bank
gotta get that bank
i'm gone off that drink
i sold my last pint

[verse 2:]
i don't need no n-gg- on the stage when i rap
who are these dudes
half a million dollars on my collar
gucci real cool
like creflo dollar photo found on
in lennox mall i pop two
my car so wet
my b-tch so wet
that when i drive i call [?]
be quiet hoe i got the scr-p on me
yeah i got these tats on me
b-tch you know i got the sack on me
chill cause you know i got the check on me
police pull up right side of me
and the b-tch still keep tryna kiss on me
presidential golden rollie
got president obama on me
got a firearm on my other firehorn
get your -ss in lane when drive lil' homie
drive by, better not look up in the sky lil' homie
no strap then ? you're gonna die lil' homie
mob boss gucci n-gg- call me tony
p-ssy -ss n-gg-s better bring my money
gucci eat dudes like pepperoni
have your homeboy saying i miss my homie


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