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Gucci Mane - My Rims Dancin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

a black -ss n-gg- in a red phantom
i might be ugly, but my car handsome
i might can't dance, but my rims can
hit the break, urt, scurt-rims dancin'

a stock porsche carrera, i'm a paint it orange
it might be hood, but it's still foreign
i might be rollin' on one of them thangs
a candy painted 6, sittin' on them thangs
hummer truck or drop top, i got choices
rims all white, same color forces
lamb so low, it's like it's snorklin'
my very freaky girl and it's insides are gorgeous

[hook: x2]
my rims are dan-cing like a go-go dancer
one's goin' forward
and one's goin' backwards
put cha fingers down there'll chop ya d-mn hands up
gave my rims a tip because they're real good dancers

[verse 2:]
a black -ss n-gg- in a ol' school cl-ssic
i pulled up to club gucci mama doin' the pool palace
and now they doin' the snake and cabbage patch-ey
sittin' on davins, watch me spin backwards
my rims are strippers and they dancin' nasty
if you wanna pair, then you know you gotta cash in
you need a motor run, a new transmission
homeboy, ya trippin
ya car game, is slippin'
this card right here, it doesn't have a limit
gucci is a trapstar; how did gucci get it?
a drop ferrari and it sure ain't rented
ask me where i bought it from
where otha n-gg-s can't get it

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