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Gucci Mane - Mrs Perfect MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

bad b-tches only whats happening? my n-gga c-note on the beat man , cut this sh-t up for me dawg, you know cut it up please, please cut it up (loud)

she got a slim waist and a pretty face, she perfect
two bad b-tches, a double date, and they perfect
why you broke n-ggas all in her face? she allergic
big guwop call me mr. perfect with mrs.perfect
mr. perfect, mrs. perfect, with mrs.perfect
mr. perfect, mrs. perfect, with mrs. perfect
she got a onion booty stanky walking, she know she perfect
her boyfriend worth a lot of millions, you know shes perfect

[verse 1]
mr. perfect, i drop money on purpose
if a b-tch pick it up the b-tch deserves it
if a n-gga pickin up ones,the n-gga worthless
take that monkey sh-t off , bricksquad is not a circus
gucci mane hire [?]
she sucking on me like a slurpee
[?] wanna serve me
how you a street n-gga? still ain't get dirty? bought a birkin bag for my big d-ck cause' im rich and the b-tch still working
it's a hundred n-ggas wanna murk me but i'll carve a n-gga like a turkey
trap god when i walk in all the bad b-tches start flirting
bouldercrest alum man they need to retire my jersey
i came up in a slum and love for bad b-tches to jump me


[verse 2]
gucci mane im a trapper b , i give three bad hoes to [?]
all my hoes like pappadeaux, all his hoes like applebee's
dont mix me up with no rapper n-gga , but you can serve me some rapper weed!
that cookie, that o.g., but that blue dream, you can miss me!
she's a bad b-tch , dont talk to her, you can fool her but you can't fool me
got a fake chain and a fake ring i know that boy fugazi
a quarter mill on one ring i know that gucci crazy
pink champange for my boo thang she a bad b-tch hope she dont trade me
last night mane we went hard mane mane we might just have a baby
so wasted drunk a whole pint ima name my new son barney
this b-tch mane she insane ima drive that b-tch mo' crazy
you perfect , she perfect , it's your lucky day , you met gucci!


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