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Gucci Mane - Mr Perfect Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

if you ever come to east atlanta
ask anybody is gucci gangsta
still, crank my glock with the touch of my finger
so iced out i cant talk to strangers
the bible say jesus born in a manger
lord bury me in east atlanta
mr. perfect i'm more than a rapper
valc-m sealer sour n wrapper
i'm not your average artist
i'm perfect, hundred, i'm flawless
i'm wilt chamberlain baby, i'm da baller's baller
i hit her, quit her, split her probably won't call her
balla, me and your team are brawlin
beefin someone's gonna see a coffin
beats like this they don't give me that often
i sip codine, cough syrup i'm coughin
ceo sh-t, why you broke and sh-t?
mr. perfect, i got boats and sh-t
vvs watches and roast and sh-t
so icey entertainment we stankin rich (yeeeeah)
i love my stanky b-tch
she love my dirty draws, i give her dirty d-ck
lord take my soul if i die don't wake
please take my breath if i turn fake
i'm a birthday party b-tch, i got cake
birthday cake baby fix my plate
mr. perfect girls feed me grapes (truly)
one take shawty, this took one take
monday i did it on my off day
gucci mane la flare i'm so boshae
touche wrist so you dont say
gucci swing your d-ck my way
i don't really, i don't pop pills no more
still got them for the lo lo
don't make me smoke dro no mo'
got new goons, my new goons are more cut throat
and i'm married to that white b-tch we just eloped
cold chain bout two baby, cocaine floats
droppin to the bottom grams i add mo'
i'm guaranteed to give da jays what they pay fo' (what
they paid fo' !)
go! get away from me
i'm so icey entertainment b.
o. s. s. did i say g.?
u. c. c. i.
m. a. n. e. , la flare you aint heard bout me…
i'm mr. perfect, perfect i am

(gucci mane mr. perfect i am wilt chamberlain
chain sw-ngin dog danglin hard dangaling pinky
dangaling and dangalin, i'm blangin!!)

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