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Gucci Mane - Me My Money MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook x2]
me and money go together
loved her since i first met her
if you touch her i get jealous
she do just what i tell her

[verse 1]
lot of suckers on the side
lookin' mighty jealous
i'm ridin' with the fellas
on these 24 inch propellers
it ain't nothin' you can tell us
yo girl tryna get near it
you talkin' loud? i can't hear it
she curious and i'm serious
my money stash is my girlfriend
drop by in a drop benz
tryna get money til the world ends
got a still face i won't bend
so get a ring and call the fellas
cuz me and money go together
we go anywhere the money let us
i love her like my favorite sweater
me and money got a sick bond
bought me all these sick stones
got me all these bad hoes
got me out on six bonds

[hook x2]

[verse 2]
started this sh-t out in holy matrimony
if we break up she gon' charge me alimony
and if they find out 'bout our lil spot in the country
i'mma have to move her to another country
it ain't no secret they know i'm gettin' money
______________ you know i'm gettin' money
i come ready to play like superbowl sunday
laughin' our way to the bank like this sh-t funny
i play the cards i was dealt like it's gin rummy
but it's trump so you know i got to go for doubles
me and money tell the truth we make a good couple
break up with my girlfriend then i'm in trouble

[hook x2]

[verse 3]
she my girlfriend so we sleep together
got a hundred grand in my f-ckin' pillow
and if i have a problem then i go and get her
but tell the truth you know i'm always ridin' with her
she stay with me sunny or the rainy weather
she really help a n-gga get his life together
my money, i hope you'll be my wife forever
make a hater sick you'll have to take a alkaseltzer
baby we gon' tie the knot like a f-ckin' pretzel
make a hundred mil and tell 'em they can have the extra
take a picture with my girl don't we look successful
i keep that b-tch with me so my life is never stressful

[hook x2]

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