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Gucci Mane - Love Somebody MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

if ya need somebody say yeah yeah
and if ya love somebody say h-ll yea

i can't even lie, everything super cool
and i got a crush on you, just like first day of school
every time i bought shoes, i bought yo -ss some shoes
every time i bought some shoes, you got a pair of shroes
thinkin' of me by myself, now doin' it so confused
tell me why you do the thangs you do the thangs you do
i like the way you walk, you walk the way you move
ain't no secret bout it, baby that's what made the trues
when you end up here with me
then f-ck that sh-t with screamin' oh
them riches don't shook, mami, heard you wanna break us
come on girl, looks fine on luck, neon's the tight to be into
this my people time in tuck then i don't wanna f-ck it up
i'mma get yo helpies baby, just so i can mess it up
get up and work so we can dress it up
i'mma be a big and ban ain't got no cable to submit
i say i went at it again, but i just keep on messing up

if ya need somebody say yeah yeah
and if ya love somebody say h-ll yea
and if ya got somebody say yea yea
(and if you love that n-gg-, say h-ll yea)
(i don't know)
(know ‘im, you need ‘im, you gotta say yea yea)
(i wanna know)
(know ‘im, you need ‘im, you gotta say yea yea)
(i wanna know)
(know ‘im, you need ‘im, you gotta say yea yea)
(but if you really love that b-tch, say yea yea)

i love ya, i trust ya, i'd f-ck you all night yaght yaght
i'll chick yo body right ya
buy you black diamonds all night
have you ever got your name on a seat belt?
thug yo flight yaght
got that b-tch balloney-o
mozelfocker think he king, betta know he foney-o
let thug my -ss, clown for you
and i ain't neva eva had a girl like you
i know how to deal with a gild like you
that's why i just had lots of gold for you
you perfect, i might lay thoughts round for you
and i can't wait till i get home
so you can arma do with that down
arrr, and i can't wait to get my home
cause i eat that piece on the couch
(p-ssy!) (you know what i'm talkin' bout)
and i can't wait to get upstairs
if i'mma put yo legs in the air

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