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Gucci Mane - Love MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

Chord gitar tidak tersedia.

Lirik Lagu

chorus:rnoh my god, i'm in lovernwit real n-ggas rnb-tch i f-ck wit thugsrnwhat the f-ckrndats w-ssuprnim in love with poppin bottles smokin budsrnoh my god rnim in love rnwit some real n-ggas rnb-tch i f-ck wit thugsrnoh my god rnwhat the f-ck rnim in love wit poppin bottles smoking budsrnsince im with the champions i hold it like a trophie rnhold it i like a trophiernpop a bottle wit the champions and hold it like a trophiernhold it like a trophie hold it like a trophie rn she in lovernrngucci mane:rnim ballin wit the championsrndon't interupt the ambiancernthey need to call the ambulancerncuz i predicted avalanche rnneed to take my shoes offrngo and get some hammer pantsrnstupid fresh my diamond chainrnjus run and do the hammer dancerngirl whuppin chickensrnmy mistress gotta mistressrnyou don't know how it feels to wake up to the richesrnexcuse my manners and my southern grammer rni'm fresh out the slammerrnin a chiquita banna ‘rarri slide thru east atlantarncodeine in my purple phantom rnsittin on top of phantomrnnow my ex girl see my new b-tch rnbe like ooh girl i can't stand herrni tell dem fly at random any where dats how i amrnget the bricks tucked in a vanrncall me mr. extra gram rngucci !!rnrn(chorus)rnrnslim dunkin:rnwhy she love me cuz my pants hang lowrnthey say i'm living fast, keep dem choppas at da doorrndon't try me like no sucker do my time for i snitchrnhood rich why you think i'm looking for a hood b-tchrnand i ain eva did near a verse and not curserntrue religion, i bring a strap wit me to churchrnhit the strip club, just to cash out rncan't bring me round dey daddyrncuz i might knock his -ss outrnbrick squad diva in a brick squad bensrnflock got his sista dey da brick squad twinsrnriddin shirt off, what i need wit a chauffeurrnair forces and j's f-ck a penny loafer rnrn(chorus)rnrngucci mane:rni wish that i could f-ck every girl in the worldrnif your girl like real n-ggas rnthen you better watch yo girl rnis that yo girl?rnoh my godrnshe wit the squad rngoin hard,rnis that a bird?rnits a plane,rnyellow birds in the clubrnwaka flocka, gucci manernoh my kush rnsmokin kush rnin a loft wit 3 broadsrnwit no bras and no panties and im trynarnf-ck em allrnim in l-st wit a sl-t and she nasty she grossrnbut she fresh and she fine as f-ckrni got em f-cking wit merni know she f-cking wit mernif she f-cking wit mernmight end up speaking chineserngucci!!rnrn(chorus)

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