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Gucci Mane - Losin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

she choosin but n-gg- you losin
when i'm cruisin my top i'm losin
in vegas gamblin' all night but i'm losin
just bought a ten pack
i hope it ain't losin
i bet 50 with the hoes but they losin'
and she a bad b-tch so she don't like losin'
i hope these n-gg-s don't try me, i'll lose it
i told her strap everyday and i'll use it

[verse 1:]
bad as h-ll, got me mad as h-ll
from her toes to her nails
& got a tail like a whale
only time a tell
i'm sending packs in the mail
imma fool with a scale
and i'm more plugged than the mail
and when my pack hit atl
it's like my number just fell
i'm catchin juggs just right before pre-trial
i don't give no f-ck bout no 12
and if all else fails
i'll be trappin at the tel'
i gotta house in the hills
and a penthouse ? 12
i move ??? like i was derek farell
my mama moved me east atlanta
like the prince of bel air
man all the dueces i sold
man i should get the chair
ain't no excuse my n-gg-
ask you why you broke as h-ll
it's gucci!


[verse 2:]
a lot of n-gg-s wanna be like gucci
f-ck around a murder charge like boosie
i know the feds wanna k!ll me like tookie
yo brother suck a gl-ss d-ck like pookie
i was makin music still servin dueces
walkin just draw salute me or shoot me
i serve bags, serve pipe, serve looseys
i sip lean like a n-gg- come from houston
how you feel knowin yo favorite rapper pussy
in his video dancin like missy
gold audemar 90 thousand plain jane
i threw the rocks in it
cost me 160


[gucci talking:]
wat happenin
i'll never date a loser
i went to the casino and lost like a m-th-f-cka
d-mn i couldn't even find the shit i was lost
police tried to pull me over but i lost them
i lost one of my hoes out there
one of my best b-tches
think i lost track what i was finna say
this b-tch must of lost her f-ckin mind
smokin on kush i done lost my keys
i winnin
you losin
it's gucci
it's gucci!


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