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Gucci Mane - Loser MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

haaaa x4

he's a loser
your boyfriend is a loser
since i lost my top does that make me a loser
know you love that n-gga but your boyfriend is a loser
weed, pills, mollies, man i'm a drug user
your girlfriend on d-ck, man your girlfriend is a chooser

[verse 1]
i beat that p-ssy up, gucci mane is a bruiser
no shirt in miami riding on a scooter
i'm wrestling with the work you can call me lex luger
i f-cked your mama, d-mn, i swear that b-tch is a cougar
your sister's so fine i bought her a landcruiser
your daddy wanna buck? i'm a hit him with the ruger
i f-ck your girlfriend then act like i never knew her
every time i see a disser that's the way i do her
i tote a lot of weight like a motherf-ckin mover
i rock so much gucci you would think i was a booster
i sell a lot of chickens yeah i keep a lot of roosters
i'm gucci mane, a martian, and your boyfriend is a loser


[verse 2]
true religion pants man, i guess i'm a true-er
got a lot to prove man i guess that i'm a prover
lost another case, guess that makes me a loser
make a lot of money man that's the way that i manuever
gucci mane the sh-t b-tch yeah i'm the manure
i'm dreaming 'bout your girl i guess my mind is in the sewer
i'm f-ckin with these b-tches man cuz gucci mane's a flirter
i don't f-ck with lames, man, your boyfriend is a worker
k!llin every track man i swear i am a murker
rude with these b-tches so they say that i'm a jerker
i only use her mouth so that makes me a user
get lost after i screw her and that makes me a loser


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