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Gucci Mane - It S Not A Day MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: verse simmonds]
it's not a day that goes by
that i don't wanna look in your eye
girl you so fine, i might try
to f-ck around and lick you dry
it's not a day that goes by
that i don't wanna look in your eye
girl you know you got that fye
if you don't give it to me i'll die

[verse 1: gucci mane]
she so fine it'll make you cry
make you smile, even make you lie
make me c-m and i don't know why
got me acting dumb and i don't know why
some say i'm sprung and i'm young
and i'm dumb, full of c-m
i'm a fiend, you the drug
i'm high
baby so fly, [?]
baby drive,
i'm too drunk to drive
sliding down ocean drive
driving a lambo like new jersey [?]
there's two freaks inside
pull up in a [?] suicide
i propose a toast
got a b-tch so bad i wanna boast
“bae let's get sum to smoke”
everywhere i go my youngin wanna go
she wanna go
the hoes with the most from coast to coast
a whole brick just a host
baby let's elope
i buy you a stone bigger than a cantaloupe
girl you dope as cancer smoke
and i think i'm a overdose


[verse 2: gucci mane]
i'll be a lie, if didn't say that you fly
and i ain't lying
louie carrier, carry on bag,
when we flying
i'm supplying all this sh-t i'm buying
i can keep you high
private jet, i'm p-ssing kush out to the pilot when we flying
ferrari jet, you my copilot when i wanna drive
i do the [?], then you do the [?]
let's take a ride
you got that wet wet
that water slide, and i wanna slide
we smoking jet fuel
the kush came in darker this time
and hit from behind
and damage the [?]
and she came and i came in
that's perfect time
that p-ssy wet, man it's too wet
it got me sliding
i'm a vet
got a a mean chick
but shawty riding


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