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Gucci Mane - Intro F 12 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

it's wizzop
huh? huh?

i still don't give a f-ck how a f-ckboy feel
how you gon' keep it real and your diamonds not real?
i do it so big i make a hater feel little
i can't tell you why they hating but i have an idea
you never liked me, probably don't like me still
but a n-gg- liking me ain't never paid my bills
i'm the realest n-gg- living, let's get one thing clear
and if you wanna get it popping we can do it right here
i ain't never been embarr-ssed, i ain't never felt fear
i got post-traumatic stresses like i can't shed tears
i ain't even been out 6 months but i spent 6 mil
got a million dollar grin and a 10 million dollar crib
and my heart done turnt burr-burr like my adlibs
in the kitchen going skrt-skrt tryna make a mil
got these b-tches screaming bling-blaow, diamonds in my ear
i send my shooters then it's pow-pow, another tatted tear
yeah it's 2016 so it's guwop year
when i was 16 i was making drug deals
these n-gg-s say they getting money, i can't really tell
i made more money than them and i was in a jail cell

i'ma say it once again, trust god, f-ck 12
a real street n-gg- will never ever call 12
say it once again, trust god, f-ck 12
a real street n-gg- will never ever call 12
wop, wop, wop, wop

i'm down on that red, this right here gon' get hard. gon' get hard. every day i'm getting f-ck hard, i am

wop, f-ck 12, wop, f-ck 12
wop, wop

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