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Gucci Mane - Interlude 2 Toilet Bowl Shawty MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[interlude: mike epps & unknown woman]
{phone rings twice}
hey boo, wh-ssup?
wh-ssup, wh-ssup
hey y'know i'ma i gonna ask you question
don't don't f-cking lie, don't f-cking lie
what? you know i don't lie to you
you f-cking gucci mane?
h-ll motherf-cking no!!
you f-cking gucci mane b-tch, you're a f-cking liar!
oh my god, who done told you that?
you are f-ckin that n-gga
motherf-ckers told me you was at greenbriar mall
with that n-gga earlier today, your -ss f-cking him
i'm not f-cking gucci mane, what the f-ck?
let me tell you something b-tch
you better stop f-cking that n-gga gucci mane
that's my buddy i was locked up with the n-gga
i was not
he got a rash on his f-cking foot b-tch
n-gga, you got a rash on yo' foot!!
you want that rash that n-gga got on his foot?
please n-gga
now how the f-ck you gon' call this n-gga gucci mane?
this n-gga wear prada every day
oh h-ll naw
gucci mane, gucci mane
you ain't gon' call me stressing me out of my head
louis vuitton gon' go k!ll that n-gga man!
oh my god
this n-gga ain't no motherf-cking gucci
i mean yeah, i got his cd, but i'm saying
you f-cks gucci mane, huh? you f-cking gucci mane?
y'all probably 68, you dusty b-tch
whatever n-gga!
you raggedy mouf, uhh, chihuahua mouth b-tch
alright i am, that's right i'm f-ckin him
and what?
i'ma f-ck… you f-cking gucci mane b-tch!
what? n-gga, what?
f-ck gucci! i got more than gucci
so what? that's right you can't
i'm gonna f-cking
that's why i'm f-cking him
f-ck you!!!
mm-hmm, you too, f-ck you too
{phone hangs up}
{toilet flushing}
gucci eating coochie
he ate one of these c.o. b-tches out
between the bars
b-tch just stuck her -ss between the bars
the n-gga stuck his whole head in between the b-tch's -ss
{water dripping}

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