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Gucci Mane - Gwops MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

yeah, it's the kid gucci mane he's a problem
it's that boy gucci gucci ima robber
he got that bar on his neck, i know it cost a whole lotta bricks, d-mn
wop, coming back country, in my front pocket, in the car
gucci mane la flare, why you rock like that
gator belt, gator shoes, where you shop at
gator hat, gator top on my new dawn
got six square 12's in my god d-mn truck
glennwood to the flat, where i make my stacks
and the pyrex pot, where i cook my crack
they're lost yesterday, but i got right back
i'm 80 g's up, makin' all them stacks
he say he got a [?] 13, then prove it
he say he got a [?] 13, then prove it
bring ya somethin' back and see how quick i move it
sick wrist, diamonds, i'm sure gon' use it
sixes on the chevy eights on my buick
put it in the pot and then make it threw it
the trappers in the ghetto who i influence
i bet ya baby brother love all my music
gucci mane la flare, dawg, he so hot
got a blue yellow watch 'cause i'm jacob [?]
got a yellow [?] yellow [?], he so hot
gucci mane la flare, baby i think not
i'ma get me some chops then i bend his spot
i heard oj got all them blocks
if you rob oj then you takin' from me
and i don't think you wanna be takin' from me
take it from the booth or take it from the street
ak-47, fifty f-ckin people with me
it'll break a n-gga limb, it'll chop down a tree
make a n-gga radiate, straight overheat
gotta 35-7 you don't know about me
got a general ridin' [?] key
a german f-ckin' rifle with a [?]
i'll show them p-ssy n-ggas 'bout f-ckin' with me
got the whole neighborhood wanna shout with me
got the east atlanta n-ggas roll the cops for me
got them boys and their n-ggas wanna shop with me
gucci mane la flare, what you charge per p?
gucci with the charger with the good sixteen
you wanna kilo, man, it's sixteen
got the white girl and the good -ss green
got the purple lean and the nothin' fatter [?]
it's gucci, my collar poppin', gucci i'm goin' shoppin'
and i'm knockin' numbers i'm ridin' the hummer i'm smokin' bubble
gang is in trouble, flex and burnin rubber
cartoon characters, gucci mane is a character
gucci mane is so arrogant, man i'm just braggin
so braggadocios, heavy with the smokin'
white in color diamonds shinin' like lotion
two days goin' the boy still rollin'
go and tell the body that bankroll foldin'
ain't no paul wall, b-tch the grill so golden
mr. florida diamonds, got me shinin' like nelly
i'm p-ssin' on your b-tch, like my name r. kelly
wanna unit dog, you can hit me on my celly
i sold a hundred fifty cd's already
get this book or war record
one tape, one mic, gucci gon' grace ya

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