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Gucci Mane - Guwop Home Feat Young Thug MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

might be realer with me n-gg-
free guwop
we no longer miss you, yeah
i know guwop home
we no longer miss you
mike will made it

dream, it's a young n-gg- dream, yeah
money tall like i'm charlie sheen, yeah
i'm a blood but i got on blue jeans
n-gg- act so tough and startin' a scene
in blue flame, i'm the trap god
throwing green rain
night sky, mean chain
pull up in a cream range
orange seats, orange feet
what do all that orange mean?
old rich -ss n-gg- i got everything

rose gold watch, but my bottle pink gold
3 red hoes walking round in red rose
can't stay the night i'm not the type to be on skype
foo' wrote me off, said that i was gone, that was a typo
take a white girl out a trailor make her iggy
take a black b-tch outta magic make her nicki
p-ssy yellow rollie, baby p-ssy on her feelings
my young b-tches show respect they call me mr. millions
brown skin chick and she love to wear purple
her nails purple, lips purple, p-ssy hair purple
big t-tty amazon in my black benz
i'm rich black man got a couple white friends

�??old rich -ss n-gg- i got everything�?? gucci mane feat. young thug

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