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Gucci Mane - Gucci Terintino MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

(mike will made it)
f-ckin' mulianis (gucci mane)
say hi to my lil friend
f-ckin' mulianis (future)
say hi to my lil friend
f-ckin' mulianis (dj scream)
say hi to my lil friend (and this is a gift for the streets n-gga)
gucci terintino in this mother f-cker (we ain't gon charge y'all nothin)
hah! (we gon put this sh-t on the block)
gucci! (for free)
it's the last time! (dj scream, hood rich, b-tch) [free bricks, n-gga]

[verse 1 – gucci mane]
i get you f-ckers knocked out for a quarter key
i told you mother f-ckers not to f-ck with me
cocaine dancin' in my mansion, it's a homicide, charles manson
she nervous and she panicked (hood rich)
so i vanished instead of vanquished
call her dandruff, leavin' bl–dy trails in my stan smiths
swear i k!lled the b-tch like columbine
left the b-tch dead, flatline
only talked to you like ten times
had a great lawyer who loved to shine
i heard it through the grapevine
gucci mane lives a life of crime

[verse 2 – gucci mane]
i brought her back like frankenstein
all my goons like frankenstein
tryna go and i ain't a kid
and i don't ever die they like vampires
bought a [?] with like ten times
and make the money back on the first try
got more hands than an octopus
got eight different kinds, it's octo-kush
you talkin' to them folks cause you needed protection
if your -ss was lost i wouldn't even give you directions
she only sucked my d-ck cause she needed affection
how the f-ck you let that b-tch slip and come in my section?
she say that she a teacher, she teach first grade
so what? still imma f-ck her on the first date
like a wine cellar, i'm gon keep some fine grapes
my swag sick, imma need some first aid
cause i pull up in the old school with the candy
the parking lot gon need a f-cking band-aid
colder than a icicle, it's a can-am not a tricycle
it's a harley, not a bicycle
my gang stronger than corn liquor

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