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Gucci Mane - Gossip MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

chophouse on the track, wop
zaytoven (go)

k!llers at the hospital to finish the job (uh)
just the simple fact you still alive, it must your god (lord)
here's a lil' story 'bout this dude i knew named todd (huh)
lil' trappin'–ss n-gga that i met mount park (gossip)
i saw the devil and didn't even have no pitchfork (gossip)
if you scared, go to church and please don't jump off the porch (gossip)
i ain't box in the mma but it's a blood thirsty sport
in the street we hold court until we end up in court (gossip, d-mn)
a crash dummy on the crash course, no chance to abort (gossip)
even when i didn't have money i couldn't afford to be scared (no)
i went to school with serial k!llers, if i lie, take my breath
i grew up with lil' todd, he got hits on his belt (gossip)
well-known for murkin', sold the plug some hoes (gossip)
rolled the red carpet out when he hit the door (gossip)
he a legend, known for pressin', think his presence a blessin'
yes, he allegedly kidnapped a couple eses from texas (gossip)
n-gga reckless, finna see 'em, ain't the one to be tested (gossip)
my suggestion if you see him, better head for the exit
yeah he'll eat a n-gga breakfast then he'll come back for seconds
he get it how he live, how he live, he get it (gossip)
soft white devil, watch me turn it to hard (gossip)
guwoped up c0ke tore the family apart (d-mn)
this not a blackboard, but it look like chalk (preach)
trap god, i make miracles with my grey fork (gossip)
east atlanta, georgia this is not new york (ea)
certain situations make the rabbi eat pork (what up)
lil' todd told a yapper, they say it's my fault (gossip)
all i do is brag and floss what the dope man bought (yeah)
lil' todd at your house with a gun to your spouse
hogtied on the couch, duct tape, can't talk (gossip)
two weeks later heard he got his head blowed off
end of game, ruined another tryna play 8-ball
f-ck the messenger who told me, his gossipin' -ss (gossip)
i got garbage bag money, i throw my roof in the trash (trash)
i got bipolar money, i got crazy cash (gossip)
had them delusions of grandeur about my crazy past, it's wop (gossip)

it's gucci (gossip)
gucci mane
guwop, oh (gossip)
wizzop (gossip)
traphouse, uh (gossip)
i hear you gossipin'–ss n-ggas
y'all like b-tches

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