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Gucci Mane - Glacier Boyz Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

cook that sh-t up, quay

[verse 1: lil baby]
i'm a glacier boy, i want solitaire in my ear
i do magic, break it down and make it disappear
i'm a glacier boy, i want vvs's on my neck
richard mille, ap, rollie, cartier, patek
sippin' sizzurp, almost fell asleep, i d-mn near wrecked
tennis chains, drippin' on my shirt, them b-tches wet
lord, please forgive me, i know i'm a sinner
i keep me a old hoe, then get me a rental
i f-cked on that [?]
my neck on a blizzard, i'm going december
i stay on the syrup, i don't probably remember
my tennis chains dancing, [?]
all white gold the rollie, lil' b-tch, this ain't silver
i came from the bottom, i hang with some k!llers

[verse 2: lil yachty]
big bag of the cash when i walk through the dealer
250 cash for that new richard mille
ball like the nba, no percy miller
rather sip red than i'd rather sip liquor
b-tch, tell your boyfriend to hop out the picture
bust that lil' b-tch like a swisher, we met at the mixer, i had to walk in with my pistol
bought a new watch and it's flooded with crystals
real glacier boy get you k!lled in a whistle

[verse 3: hoodrich pablo juan]
rocking saint laurent, the bottom vanilla
i got rich off every scale in the [?]
fresh every day, i'm a serial k!ller
glock 40 shoot like i'm richard mille

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