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Gucci Mane - Freestyle King Pt 2 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

ay, man, y'all put that sh~t up (put that sh~t up, b~tch)

gucci mane la flare (gucci) in the candy red jag (jag)
came to magic city with a all red flag (blood in)
$10,000, f~cking that club up
me and lonny, b~tch, pick that money up (what's up, man? that's my boy)
me and j.b., $100,000 on me ([?] ceo)
i ain't talking about the ice, i'm talking about the fetti
me and big jay, we was smoking already (huh)
in a old school chevy (cyeah)
chevy truck blue'd up, looking like dro (dro)
blue jacob on, same color as the ss (cyeah)
gucci mane la flare, i was voted “best dressed”
that was fifth grade, that was cedar grove (for real)
rivers road shawty, young ellenwood (what's up, grandma?)
bouldercrest shawty, that's my hood (what's up, oj?)
short stop shawty, car wash shawty (cyeah)
hotel shawty, big slab shawty
hundred slab shawty, i got junkies (gwalla)
knocking on my door, man, the junkies keep coming (i got youngins)
me and [?] and birmingham shawty
serving 6'8″ n~ggas whammies, grammys
i got n~ggas, cyeah
i be serving down at mally's (alabama, n~gga, i be serving all down there)
yeah, baby, [?], i be cooking up the dope, i be serving n~ggas [?] (skrrt)
i be gucci mane la flare, shawty, huh
i be flowing like a motherf~cker (freestyle king, i'm on it), shawty, i'm the sh~t
i got everybody's b~tch on a n~gga's d~ck
i be going, going, god, i'm so d~mn hot (for real, boy)
spent $75~thou on a brand new watch (cyeah)
got a yellow j, blue j, red j, green j
gucci mane la flare, every day, it's a friday
wednesday or sat~rday, sunday or monday (magic city, what's up)
i'm so city, but i rap so country
cyeah, and the kush so funky (what?)
underarm kush, so funky
yeah, shout out to willie rob base, he washed my car
they washed my asanti's, them n~ggas junkies
i'm gucci mane, i be bunking (ooh)
i used to trap at texaco, i caught a turkey
gucci mane la flare, man
no jail boy, shawty, i'm going on home (ooh)
i be flowing on, flowing i be going
i be crazy style shawty and ain't n0body knowing (cyeah)
i be hydro blowing, bubble kush shawty (huh)
g5 shawty, david, where you at? (what's up, david?)
me and gucci mane, smoking in the ‘vette (that's crazy)
i'm rapping like dro, okay (ugh)
rapping like wooh (what's up, queens?), n~gga, i'll shoot (jamaica, queens)
i'm rapping like waka, i'm shaking my dreads (what's up, dro?)
tell you like auntie (what's up, man?), n~gga, point me that bread (huh)
my auntie [?]
i just bring the dope like [?], n~gga, hold up
that sh~t told me gucci mane roll up
i'm so froze up, mr. floyd, what it do?
i'm so kushed up, n~gga, ooh~ooh~ooh
i'm so freshed up, n~gga, ooh~ooh~ooh
it's gucci, gucci, i'm gucci, gucci (cyeah)
i wear prada, i f~ck with coogi
i wear louis, i f~ck with bally
dolce and gabbana (lenox mall shawty), it don't matter
saks fifth avenue, catch me in neiman's
marcus, [?], shawty, what you do? (you feel me?)
my chain cartoon~y, i'm seeing nickelodeon
gucci mane la flare, this back to the future car
call me young nascar, cyeah
elroy, george jetson, shawty, we be flexing (go)
freestyle flow, how long? we don't know (flowing)
we be going, going, straight flowing, flowing
pouring in this sh~t, then it's back to reefer blowing, gucci (ooh~ooh)

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