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Gucci Mane - Freestyle King Pt 1 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

cyeah (ugh, you know what i say “cyeah” for, gucci)
gucci (gucci, what's that? f~ck with me, man)
yeah, freestyle, i'm the freestyle king
gucci mane la flare, ring~a~ling~a~ling (f~ck you)
shawty wanna suck my ding~a~ling~a~ling (that's my girl)
gucci mane la flare, bling, b~tch, bling (blaow)
blaow, wow, star status, n~ggas know how
to make money, come in piles (gucci)
gucci mane la flare, the nick cannon, i wild (wild out)
out, top, out, shawty show out
rock down [?], the intro

i ain't freestyling, but i'm not free (gucci)
it's $20,000 if you wanna see (what's up, ty? what's up, jody?)
me, i could've said that she (what's up, shawty lo?)
but i can mix it up, g, what? (what's up, lil jon?)
you rapping guys should know what i'm 'bout to say
i trade with words, but i don't k
okay, me and four~tray
still rocking cut off stockings like, cyeah
ayy, ayy, o.j. (o.j.)
i am okay, i'm so gunplay
me and big moe, cyeah
dante, what's up? dolce and gabbana on our face, so
eyes real low (dole), i'm smoking on dro (drizzle)
flow looking like your flow unorthodox
gucci mane la flare, i keep the gucci's out the f~cking box
feel this, shawty? [?] looking like lеnnox (ugh)
stop pouring, but i'm not finished
it's gucci mane la flare, i havе a big bentley
i'm in it, i been it
i'm piped, piped, blue dro smoke spending (ugh)
it's gucci, i'm a dennis the menace with no dennis
i got a dentist, he's gold and he's grilling (bling)
it's gucci, gucci, what it do?
i'm so fresh, but i don't know about you (wow)
i hope you get money, you dig me? (gucci)
i'm riding on 28~inch frisbees (frisbees)
bill clinton, getting monica lewinsky (ugh)
gucci mane la flare, i turn a thursday to a friday
monday to a wednesday, honest boy, they send me
magic city shawty, gucci still spending (go)
body tap wednesday, money still growing (go)
strokers on thursday, me and lonny throwing (go)
me and sl!ck [?], smoking on drizzle (yeah)
me and j.b., what it do, n~gga? (d~mn)
me and young [?], cyeah (ugh)
i got these hoes wanna go back, put that on my n~ts~ck (huh)
on the front stage, i'm going crazy (crazy)
my n~gga [?], yes, that's my dj (ugh, ugh)
what's up, bigga rankin? this real n~gga radio (what's up, bigga?)
shout out to my n~gga plies, check my [?] (what's up, plies?)
so you know the tempo, shawty [?]
gucci mane la flare, it's a tuesday to me
i just dropped (what's up, n~gga?), my freestyle did (slip~n~slide, n~gga)
what's up, what's up? shawty iced up (ugh)
i'm fresh, fresh, donkey, that's me
i'm $20,000 if you wanna see me
[?] shawty, i am in 3d (3d)
take him back to '05 “icy” (“icy”, yeah)
check that new beast
freestyle, i'm the king, n~gga, crown me~skee, it's gucci
okay, now this is how i do that sh~t, man
no rocking cut off stockings, gucci

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