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Gucci Mane - Elchoppo Intro MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: gucci mane]
got a choppa for the narcos
sniper rifle with the goggles
i'll throw a n-gga in the gulf of mexico
??? lo ago
gotta fire arm on me now
i'm the type to gun a n-gga down
shoot you in the street like a dog
bury you in the ground like a hound
guwap don't f-ck around
k!ll a n-gga -ss out of town
y'all f-ck n-ggas talking out loud
but i don't hear you sayin' sh-t now
when the mac 10 go like pow, pow!
i'ma hear a n-gga say ow, ow!
and when his mama looking for him when the body not found
and the head in the lost and found
new orleans voice, n-gga what's around?
got a 30 round clip, n-gga what's a round?
like a jersey n-gga like what's up son?
but i'm a down south n-gga with a big ol' gun
i'm on the west coast, me and snoop lion
if i'm lying n-gga then i'm d-mn flying
talking fly sh-t like forty water
d-mn you got a pretty daughter
in the mid-west like ??
sixteen year old girl, r kelly virgin
but these little girls super clean and dirty
and a kid might think that its dish detergent
my n-ggas so trick they might frisk a person
my bullets so big might miss a person
put a pistol on n-gga like pitch perfect
red shirt the same color as my falcon jersey

got a choppa for the narcos

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