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Gucci Mane - Crazy White Album MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[peewee longway: hook]
everybody with me got them racks in they britches
we ain't tryin' to f-ck nothing but some foreign -ss b-tches
foreign -ss cars and expensive -ss linen
carbon 15 with 100 rounds in it
la to the a, longway fly crippin
ain't playing with the white, baby girl you need to whip it
longway blue m&ms, stuft crusts and cookin
(m&ms, m&ms, m&ms)
longway blue m&ms, stuft crusts and cookin
(m&ms, m&ms, m&ms)

[peewee longway verse 1:]
peewee longway the blue m&m
loaded with m&m si cannot get rid of him
fly crippin on slawson, wit nipsey in cali
neighborhood see wee, on highways and alleys
don't rock no bally'si rock da yeezy
bluer then jeezy, packs in dc
they gleeshy, he need me
bigger than chapo, peewee el gundo
racks out my -ssh0l-
hold up hold on hold on hold on
peewee el gundo, i'm bigger than chapo
balenciaga, my bricks is long digit
how can you follow, my n-ggas gon hitchu
don't need you up on me, need room for my b-tchez
m&m jawbreakers, i came out them trenches
holla holla holla holla
carbon 1-5 when i open my trench
he do not flinch, thugga gon hit em, if he don't miss em
dk go get em, we get them rentals, and president tent em
bags in the trunk and dem birds in a fender
how can i miss em', how can i miss em'
bandz in the ceilings, and bandz on the jewelry
how can i get em', how can i get em'
finessing, finessing, them stamps in the middle

[young thug: verse 2]
i feel like clubbin and blubbin
i pull up them buckets ,the b-tches, they love it
the b-tches they l-sting and touching, they wanna f-f-ck it
that ratchet i clutch it, i c-ck it and buss it (blue m&m! m&m)
play wid me bro, its no fussin and cussin
(blue m&m! peewee longway)
peewee my buzzin, you touch him, i'm rushing
no dte trouble, i'm bussin, i'm bussin!
i don't got the busses, i got them blue russians
them bales on the conway, they coming, they coming!
dk think he running, he need some money
so many foreign shoes, im growing bunions
running so fast, i'm mo faster than sonic
take the 1-5 now i'm holding two tummies
i'm holding my gun and i'm holding my stomach!

turn up!
everybody will get arrested
we ain't tryin' to f-ck them
but they're some p-rn -ss b-tches
come 13 with 100 rounds in it
no way, eminem, it starts on cookin'
no way, eminem, it starts on cookin'

break to pieces, transport it out
fill it up with camble
miley cirus making eminem taking off like a rocket
my n-ggas hold chop sticks
n-ggas say: wrong thing!
all my dogs gone rough
i'm callin' no ballers, i'm callin' no roof
tell her the truth you got shot in the tooth
no sippin', no drippin' like i wanted to p–p
what did you do? what did you do?
why on the sudden i'm one of the 2?
half over million i feed on my belly
you run up while you got shot in the kidney
they shot you ,n-gga
they shot you in the head

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