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Gucci Mane - Chicken Talk MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

zaytoven on the track dawg
gucci mane la flare

[verse 1]
i'm like a rooster in a cartoon
i say i need a brick or two
half an onion worth of extra
ask me who i gave it to
raw basin' w-lly let him vacuum up the bentley coupe
white air ones buy a brick i just might front you two
told her three to let me pay for them there's plenty more to move
ten thousand dollars worth of 20s in my tennis shoe
patriotic painted bentley shorty, its red white and blue
heavy cociana shorty cake and the icy too
quarter chicken half a chicken man its like a slice or two
half a pigeon whole pigeon man thats like a pie or two
never buy nothing from a n-gga til he let you drop a duce
bentley coupe on 22s a hundred more and keep the roof

i'm a walking l!ck
i'm a talkin brick (x4)
this is chicken talk dawg
this is chicken talk (x4)
bowl stove water soda cola fork check
crazy color nike check
zay give a mic check (x2)

[verse 2]
gucci throwin bricks like he using the backboard
shorty wanted deuces so i charged em a stack for it
got it by the bag get a whole or a half for it
solider set of steel cuz i give for they ask for it
imported cocaine but i don't have a p-ssport
offset rims got me looking dale earnhardt
blue and yellow jacobs same color my paint job
always tote gwoops cuz i don't got a bank card
if 6 is like the carter and gucci the landlord
but junkies go the sh-t unless the j pay for it
shorty got an -ss on her so i paid for it
i'm ready to leave but you know i'm a stay for it
purple golden kush, always call em the laker sacks
blue and yellow color dro, call it the pacers pack
green and white mid, man i call that the celtics thrax
you say you the weed man but b-tch where your bales at?


[verse 3]
got a bart simpson charm so they can eat my shorts
next piece i'ma cop is the iced out fork
cristal bottle way to pop my cork
i'm a dirty south n-gga, mama i eat pork
i put it on the saucer if lil mama like to snort it
gucci makes it rain whether weatherman report it
ordered her a daiquiri, heavy on the liquids
say she like seafood so i got her swordfish
lobster tail and crab legs since she on the bed b-tch
can i call you dorothy cuz you so far from kansas
have some of my lil fella
got the mellow yellow bezzle
black rims on the phantom same color dr. pepper


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