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Gucci Mane - Check MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[bridge: shanell]
that n-gga got a lot of money
to spend it on me
i'm a rich man's fantasy, a poor man's dream
got a lot of money
to spend it on me
i'm a rich man's fantasy, a poor man's dream

[hook: gucci mane x2]
you know you gotta n-gga gotta check
but i ain't gon' let this b-tches disrespect you baby
diamonds 'round my motherf-cking neck
but never let these hoes upset you baby

[verse 1: gucci mane]
you know i told you when i told you cause an og' was a soldier
she only date older n-ggas, she bought herself a [?]
i'm a boss [?] was so smooth how i approached it
and i'm not the type to get on my knee and [?]
do you wanna [?] over rolls royce cause we the [?]
i'm in the hood, i'm serving good, i have hoes [?]
so you be start listening to these hoes before i be walking out the door
i live my life on the [?]
turn a nice girl to a hoe
somebody stope me, keep [?] shot me and my pockets is to [?]
rollie on my wrist is rocking like the f-cking rocky mountains

[hook x2]

[verse 2: shanell]
keep that sh-t a hundred
keep that sh-t a hundred
ain't no gold digger, i just wanna spending money
make these normal b-tches [?]
i can show you something, show you how to run your company
a lot of n-ggas want me, a lot of b-tches want me
the type of chick you be proud to wake up with in the morning
and i don't f-ck with lames, them type of n-ggas be borring
and i ain't got time to date you n-ggas, i'm to busy touring
a super duper bad b-tch i pull up in a foreign
i'm running in the mr. [?]

[hook x2]


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