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Gucci Mane - Careless Reckless MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

it's gucci

[hook(gucci mane):]
i'm so f-cking careless
i talk real grizzy and in my wrist freezy
and i don't really care b-tch
i'm riding in a 2 seater but i'm by myself
because i'm so f-cking selfish
i'm ride in the town and i'm smoking by the pound
because i don't like to share sh-t
and i got the things on the low
i can put you on
talking to your square b-tch

[verse 1: future]
i never talk to b-tches, they always talk to me
they never walking to me when they see me always run on me
what kind of future

it ain't no saving me
im too american, im living
but girls inside my belt
young future need some help
the realist n-gg- left
and i stay fresh to death
beverly hills
and i dont need no studies
my n-gg-s still
so very selfish, but she is so f-cking


[verse 2: gucci mane]
[?] numbers
got versace put jumpers
and my [?] of buggatti
i had in a valley, on a back of buggatti
i'm in love with the drink
went to sleep with the pain
had the dream about money
and woke up in the bame
i'm not to
so i can see what you saying
you jumping real waters
i just to the club
i drink my [?] in you srills
look in my watch that why your girlfriend in love
i drove my car in the summer
they say it's just the begining
but gucci think he's doing numbers


[verse 3: chill will]
yeah, ah
she might say just a
he might take just a minute
i'm counting money, he gonna take the whole [?]
she went on in my zone
i just come she alone
see me put in
see i'm famous like
b-tches say that i'km selfish
because i'm often a
smoking weed i'm selfish
when they see me put in
because no
can't say man
lately i'm going move to [?]
b-tch dont look behind you
ice came
everythime i come throw
money always come throw
b-tch dont look behind you
ice came
4026 is where real n-gg-s come through


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