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Gucci Mane - Brick Mason MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

hah, yeah
i ain't really finna tell y'all how to get away with murder and sh-t

they call me gucci robert kraft, i just picked brady out the draft
i'm tall dark and handsome plus my stash is on giraffe (godd-mn)
the black mark cuban, i'm in the shark tank with the meth
i go danny ainge for math, just might trade him to the cavs (wow)
glacier coupe two-door (two-door)
pull up, make the doors do judo (woo)
big booty nympho (hah)
know waist hit with some hippo
amazon grinder
crocodile brocodile buyer
bad b-tch, i wanna sign her
i'm lookin' but still can't find her
i done got it in with the haitians
i done went to war with jamaicans
the money left body in bas-m-nts
i can cook brick like a mason
different, hoppin' out the golfer
big boss, meet at the office
lil' n-gga lost in the sauce
hood n-gga but i'm dressin' like a golfer
pull up to the cheetah on a date
park at the front, it's sp-cious (skrrt)
cold shoulder, b-tch, it's like a glacier (burr)
manicure, pedicure, facial
mob hit all of them stages
i'ma put a hater in the paper
i don't pay attention to a hater
i just pay attention to the paper, wop

i can cook brick like a mason
i just pay attention to the paper
i can cook brick like a mason
i can cook brick like a mason

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