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Gucci Mane - Break A Bitch MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[hook: gucci mane x8]
break a b-tch
break a b-tch
break a b-tch man

[verse 1: young scooter]
jackpot, jackpot she worth for a couple m's
bought a quarter from em, till i took a loss again
2 mill, now i got houses on the hills
pimp sh-t, i made hoes pay my bills (cash out)
call me, when you turnin' money in
my florida b-tch, say she coppin' me a benz
my gudda b-tch, say she coppin' me a lamb
from las vegas, say she coppin' me a yacht
trappin' day and night, got a million dollar plug (count up)
she [?], then i tell her take your watch
this is powerful, but ain't powerful than guap
money over b-tches, i just let the haters watch (let's go)

[hook: gucci mane]

[verse 2: sonny bsm]
everybody know i be pimpin'
i don't walk with no limpin'
my b-tch she be makin' me pasta
that other [?] that shrimp in
i f-ck 'em both no foreskin
i need a plaque in my hallway
connect be sendin them bricks in
i don't get 'em from broadway
i'm ridin' around in these foreign cars
some talkin' that rich sh-t
gucci told me to turn up
you n-ggas talkin' that b-tch sh-t
you watch your house money
50 bens, that's couch money
30 more, that's play bread
a 100 racks that's drought money
i'm iced out and i'm sacked up
but i ain't givin' no b-tch sh-t
you be givin' that b-tch bread
i be givin' that b-tch d-ck
my whole team we up ho
we ball hard, these f-cks know
closet lookin' like nike town
don't bite down, just suck slow

[hook: gucci mane]

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