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Gucci Mane - Bigger Picture MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i'm about to make a motion picture, picture, picture, picture, picture, picture
i wish that you could see the bigger picture, picture, picture, picture, picture, picture
i'm just trying to get some money with you, with you, with you, with you, with you, with you
i wish that you could see the bigger picture, picture, picture, picture, picture, picture
its gucci man and i'm a motion picture

[verse 1]
every brick squad production is a big budget production
all this cash in my pocket, i'll make you handsome if you ugly
she see me on the screen and she love to scream my name
had a s-x tape with your wifey, i didn't even know her name
i'm so icy n-ggas don't like me, i'm so iced out that a n-gga wanna fight me
b-tches be swearing i play for the vikings
b-tch i play for the sun valley strikers
if i like a tina turner i could beat her, beat her, beat em
raw paw to pay [?] keep good reefer
n-ggas bait you with a pitcher, trust you with a pitcher
trick you with a pitcher counterfeit you and remix you
n-ggas never play with guwop, they see the bigger picture
i put you on a tshirt then mail your mom a thank you card

[verse 2]
last night i heard someone shot a n-gga
police going door to door showing my f-cking picture
last week scr-pe girl on custody
my aunt got nothin' but pictures and memories of her daughter
paint a picture with my words, i'm a f-cking author
go get a mark up, five hundred thousand my marker
forever good, i learned to hustle from my uncle
and i'm so hood, it's hard for me to get a sponsor
rap sh-t is long as the street, 14k all over my t–th
tattoos all over my face, saying i'm one single away
how when i'm dealing the yay
fat boy, i'm eatin the k
new rolls and forgis on a rari i'm ballin' like [?]


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