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Gucci Mane - 30 Bricks Finished MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

zaytoven on the beat buddy
so icy entertaiment baby
poster boy
gucci mane laflare
back at it
early in the morning
its 9 in the morning
its gucci!
you know how we do this thang mane
its about this time
so icy ceo speaking
gucci gucci!

[verse 1]
early in the morning its 9 in the morning
i will give a d-mn if you ain't cookin [?]
workin my pot dawg
heavy wrist activity
block trust infinite
pound trust limited
before you bring the work
please tell me what the ticket is
twenty two five and a drought where the chicken is
bustin down blocks sellin fat rocks
me and eggbeater shwaty standin over pots
i´m a farmer seasoned dawg see im more like a [?]
[?] cocaine and crack and about six n-ggas
swing the door swing the door
search it down search it down
[?] boy you came from up town

gucci mane i´m richer than a [?] mane
every time im whippin mane its [?] mane
plane maker you can call me ervy
got that washing powder ain't talking the [?]

[verse 2]
i got them collards green but gucci not a farmer
but you know i got them pounds of marihuana
in the smith double deuce is the number
30 bricks in my all white hummer
[?] quarter key gucci super recepie
junkie they be spinning but really think they are scared of me
just another n-gga slanging crack rock
-crack rock-
kilos pounds gotta make a profit
i got money falling out my pocket
i smile cause i know the feds watching
its gucci mane laflare you call me gucci
30 bricks i gotta comin [?]
i got 30 bricks so 20 more to go
kick a door pimp a hoe anything that make it grow
always in the junior high selling mix of mid grey
a hundred thousand pounds comin in tuesday

gucci mane im richer than a [?]
everytime im whippin mane its [?]
plane maker you can call me ervy
got the washing powder ain't takin the [?]

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