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Goliath - Fear Remix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

my home girl chloe, told me to start recording
i was interested why all of a sudden she liked my flowing
she told me “cus your lyrics are different, and its crucial
for you to make it cus these other mc's are usual”
we gave dap and she walked off
but what she said made me think and stayed in my thoughts
producers in my school wanted me to join them
on the road to life's enjoyments
refreshing beverages, dashing limousines and suites
care free with ladies surrounding like troops
and since that convo i been thinking bout getting a place in rap like a condo
and putting my name, on it pr-nto
but im frightened, my lyrical abilities are heightened
but me and rap are separated by a hyphon
i mean, once you dive in you can't swim back to the sh0r-
you can try, but the waves'll drag you in for some more

you see im living in the darkness
every where i turn its almost like im like a target
i been done with practice but im scared of advancement, and if
ill last in this rappin, its such a challenge
last resort, so this has to happen
you see im living in the darkness

and i don't know what to see yo
got some brand new prescriptions, but they kind of weak yo
wheres my life leadin me, what these teachers teachin me
what these teachers see in me, what does g mean to me
see i remember the day, when i was sittin on my bed, flippin through the pages of the bible
cus i wanted a biblical name
i already had one that i didn't use on stage
so i made, the two enemy's in one boy who's tryna influence society
one disgraced god, one praises god
and hes always standing tall, never ever slips and falls
but a few more feet and ill be into the light
and if i fall in to deep, what will happen to i, i feel like
there's nothing really left for me
gotta get a job, mom and dad keep pressing me, pestering me
then tell me that the road to riches, is a
foolish choice, serve god, listen
say one thing, and then say another
oh father, oh ,other, oh brother
this is my last resort
im suffocating, with no medical support
im almost eighteen, pops is gonna leave
and then ill have to leave, tell me what the future brings


but, i couldn't stay encaged, so i ran
called my homie up, exclaimed
“mayne, let me get inside of the studio
im, ready to fly, don't wanna work in a cubicle”
we set up the date, i went to his place
we kicked, then i put my poems up for display
he was like dang, boy you got some talent
but i already knew that, and im soon to be a champion
so the moral of the story is, have a little courage
don't be scared if you, haven't made your moves yet
and if you got a gift, don't be scared to use it
get yours, let n0body's words stop you from chewin

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