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Goliath - Dead Presidents Two MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

dead presidents two

since dead presidents one, i've grown up some
might upset some that i wasn't down in the slums
dog, i'm sorry but your wishes didn't come to fruition
they were stuck in a traffic jam while i pursued with persistence
now for the loyal fans who been with me since i was a beginner
and carried on through the false summers in the winters
please, let me send ya, back to that video
so you can see i didn't let you down, but continued
late nights could either be great nights
or days where i'm tossing under covers cus my brain likes
to conjure up ideas for verse, plus they're perfect
but, i'm just tryin to sleep tonight
and when i'm shoveling snow, trust i'm doubling flows
using troubling quotes as ways to evoke me to hold my pen
and change the whole landscape of the pad
to dirty walkways after a snowstorm has p-ssed
i hope the listener, uses insight when adventuring inta
my mind, a born again sinner
whose, tryna deliver, a special message
for those who inquire and consider
written, with a bic pen
i ain't big now, i wasn't big then, but
my hearts getting larger by the minute
i hope that you can tell by the time that i put in this


since dead presidents one, i've grown up some
might upset some that my vision wasn't prolonged, longer
tell the truth, these other dudes don't really want me startin
not drake, but i'm goin places uncharted, let me ponder
started with no experience, now i be flyin leer jets
or at least i should be from this truth serum that seeps from this pen
to your deepest emotions, cure from the acid like tums
trust that, just cus i don't have a deal don't mean ill hold my tong
when i rhyme, i try to get holes in one
tiger woods opposite, you have a problem getting a hole in one
i think i can win, so i guess i can hold the sun
i think i can use my privilege for good, some holdin guns
prisoners of war, i'm a prisoner of beats
get trapped in this, it has to happen its, not a fling
ain't a onetime thing, i'm holding onto longevities rope
hoping for heavenly hope, but i need some heavenly snow
cus i'm getting overheated thinking about what i be preachin
past the washington monument are my goals, i'm far reachin
i guarantee i have that heart felt sh-t
from when my felt tip felt it, it is these pages
we all stand together, soon to be explained
we're gonna flip hip hops script like the x games
x ray my mind, x ray my flow, x ray my lines
and they'll beckon you to press play and rewind

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