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Goliath - Bardock Root MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

verse 1
write what i feel nowadays, no more numbering the margins
bardock root grew straight out ya back yard and
started as a youngster, pr-ckin on your sleeve
to goliath, a black boy related to martins
a spartan with cancer growing inside
never knowing if time, is slippin in my grasp
i rap mad lyrics like goku disspearin
and showing himself as appollos chariot
the team cheers for him, one more beer for him
he'll drink it down like a heel or shin
i'm peeling off in front of the cops
going the long way before i get the long talk
from the moms, on the subject of the gang
i tell her “i just get burdock”, and to leave it be
afterwords i rapidly tap on pads
and rap on beats
to escape from where i never wanna be
a slave in my mind for all days of time
hope a sayin can save him, just saying alright

cus no hope for a young black male
want me in jail, receiving no mail
and my moms heart getting to frail
and since my aunt died, i forgot how to feel
and since my pops hide, i ain't came back to tell
if it'll be grief or if it'll be swell
got my brain swelled, what the h-ll

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