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Goliath - A Hero MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i drop a 16, im nifty if you give me a pen
but im deadly when writing thoughts down from my head
im the best, ive got sk!lls and they have unfolded
like the writings in the bible by moses
im told that, hip hoppers are gangsters, i'mma change that perception
with mc goliath, me, i am part of the chosen
what a monumental occasion, filleting these little b's
cus they rhymes leave me hungry, so they anatomy will fill me, i
will beat, the crooked police
my family under pressure from the mortage they seek
the haters looking at me when im walking down the halls
n-ggas who all talk but don't have any brawn
i'mma star, spittin, bars is a life style
im a nas writing poetry translated through my pencil
im a com, the way i dream and believe for the people
im a jay the way i made my own way, a hero

yeah, it was just me
and now i got here, and now, i really am an mc
now people wanted to hate, but they couldn't see
but now they now that i have succeeded, and i will achieve, all of my dreams
you better just step back, cus you know that i'mma be
at the top. of the galaxy
and ive already p-ssed you in reality, you better believe
a hero

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