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G Eazy - Intro The Tipping Point MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programing
for a channel 3 special report

[david – host]
good evening
what is certain is that this seemingly unexplainable m-ss hysteria
continues to spread throughout the heartland
with injuries reported to be in the thousands
we now go live to catherine lanthier at saint augustine memorial hospital

[catherine – live reporter]
david the staff here says they haven't seen
anything close to this sheer volume of casualties
badly injured very frightened people are pouring
no exaggeration by the hundreds
and we are told that most the injuries are bites
not gunshot or stab wounds

it's clearly a shocking development unfolding

[government official]
… eastern standard time
the president is declaring the continental united states under martial law
a nationwide curfew of 7pm tonight has been put into effect and…

are we transmitting?
are we transmitting?
just roll
things are out of control down below
people are dying in the streets by the thousands
and the freeways
right now the freeways are hopelessly clogged
there is no way out of the city
i think we're safe for the moment but i'm not gonna stay long…

a state of emergency has been declared in the united states of america
the scope of this…
is now reaching global proportions…
i've just received word from my producers
that a tape showing one of these random attacks has been dropped off at our studio
i'm being told that the tape contains graphic material and violence
viewers should be advised..

[verse: g-eazy]
listen close, please
while my sh-t spreads overseas
i hit you with a dose of the infectious disease
i'm coming up fast yup vamanos
but this type right here will make it tip and spread like dominoes
real talk i ain't finna lie to you
g-eazy is next so it's time to say goodbye to you
rap cast who feel its just a hobbie to
make this music, but dog i go harder than a lot of you
anybody want it i'll body you
truthfully, wanna see the truth come to the booth with me
i burn beats and spit sixteens ruthlessly
this ain't new to me
i'm bringing hip-hop to where it use to be
actually, that'll make a lot of haters lash at me
but i just laugh at them, no, cause they ain't thinking rationally
but i got game to make these labels throw their cash at me
but i'd rather stack it independently
who you know work hard as me do they own production
made 1000 beats in the fall need no introduction
yep, your so wrong if you think i'mma go wrong
and not win, but still it's like i've been waiting so long
watch as he smashes
as the tipping point happens
right before the epidemic hits m-sses
before it hits national news
before disaster has struck
now sir watch the game get abused
you're listening to an artist that was not built to lose
you could not walk a block if you tried to fill his shoes
i spit a hot 1 take no rehearsing
then rewind my verse until my beat start reversing
and when we make moves your career gets worsened
we release the product then the plan starts working
so basically man it's bad for y'all
and g-eazy is here it's a rap for all

we must stress the need for calm
and respect for law and order
the quicker people can get off the streets and into their homes…

no longer seek shelter in private residences
no matter how safely protected or well stocked

[outro: g-eazy]
it's looking real bad for the game right now
i'll let you know when you can stick your heads out
it's the tipping point lets get into it
you feel me?
the epidemic lp coming this year
look out for that sh-t the highly antic-p-ted
long awaited album from g-eazy

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