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G Eazy - Fire In The Booth Part 2 MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[part 1]

yah, yee
young gerald, reporting live from london

in my mom's honda replaying 2001
cussing -ss ten year old, knew she had a rowdy son
start the cd over right after the alb-m's done
looking for a f-ck to give, d-mn i never found me one
as i wonder which cl-ssic i should write this to
as a youngster, i swear i was the nicest dude
rode my bicycle, no i ain't have the nicest shoes
they would talk about me so i always got in fights at school
ask my moms why the car would always smell like skunk
swear it's been like every day, mom what the f-ck is up?
always smelling stuff, little would i know this
i was too young to know mom was smoking explosive
in her closet had a bong, democratic cali mom
knew i was gon' be somebody ain't n-body read up on
trust me this is true me and school we just ain't get along
she told me if i kept my grades up then i could get to prom
so the girl i tried to ask, baddest in cl-ss
dissed me and she laughed then p-ssed
if she would have said yes i would have been g-ssed
the b-tch got uppity and turned me down fast
now i'm upper echelon, lamborghini zoomin
if i feel like laughing i would go to my reunion
just to stunt on everyone, like where the f-ck have you been?
working at a restaurant or desk i'm -ssuming
now i attract, girls that used to turn they back
causing me to put them on blast on this f-cking track
i'm like nothing that you've seen before
from coffee shops to an arena tour
i told tony grab a mop, said “what you need it for?”
i put an axe in a rappers back i'm tryna clean the floor
american psycho i'm having fantasies of k!lling all these rappers
i'm jealous of, not a fan of these
hollywood -ssholes, caught up in the hype
and only focused on cash flows
saint laurent leather jacket came with the t-ssles
in 2016 i'm only f-cking with bad hoes
so listen, let me drop some shit about this b-tch i used to know
guess i don't let n-body know
her and her best friend naked both of them off the blow
they got freaky on my tour bus i skeeted on them both
i've known the hoe for one hour she's rolling up sour
this girl was a winner bruh, something about her
these hot hoes is feigning, they on my nuts
but b-tch i'm out your pussy when i nut

for real, xxplosive
charlie sloth
haha g-eazy
when it's dark out, december fourth

[part 2]

yah, yah, yah, yah, yah
yah, yah, yah, yah, yah
yah, yah, yah
yah, gerald, yah

what if i had a hundred million dollars?
i'd f-ck up some, f-ck up some, f-ck up some commas
what if i did f-ck rihanna?
what if i had two b-tches at once with no drama?
what if the whole world believed in obama?
what if bill clinton had never got head?
would we pay attention to real f-cking issues instead
what if pac wasn't dead
and the thunder and rain
what if it all was champagne
my moms was healthy
like what if there wasn't no pain
what if these rappers could actually find their own lane
what if it wasn't the same, what if i did my own thing
really, said f-ck it and went against the grain
i don't know i'm just saying
just some ideas i had on my brain
charlie sloth what you saying

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