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G Eazy - Dj Quiz Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

i don't usually, do this type of sh-t but, f-ck it
shout out dj quiz, hot 97. haha, shout out peter

g, yeah, young johnny cash dressed in all black
i listen to your mixtape and it's all whack
my advice? probably be to fall back
this is rap, don't know what the f-ck you call that
working hard trying just to live
so for you half–sses i ain't got a f-ck to give
making money when i rap, you better up your bid
but i'm doing this for free, mad love to quiz
drinking whiskey straight
called your girl for a motel and condoms and whiskey date
afterwards cheese eggs, bet she fixed the plates
said i hit it better than you, it was a quick debate
yeah, i'm the best you've come across in my line of work
all these hoes and the money just a minor perk
i could never teach you how, but see i'm a jerk
drinking 40's in the streets, i'm just trying to lurk
mo' better, a pro fella, tell a ho come to my hotel-er
we turn up then we smoke h-lla with more hipster girls than coach-lla
yeah, lifestyle's all luxury
high fashion skinny model hoes wanna f-ck with me
let her powder up her nose, she'll be up in three
still sucking me, tomorrow she'll be upitty
yeah, i'm trying to leave with your mom and her
too hot, yo i'm breaking all thermometers
put me in a booth, i set fire on your monitors
a crazy artist with a couple different monikers
mysteries, yup, young girl, what
uncle turnup, yeah, and g-eazy
me, mysef, and i

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