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Future - Smacked Silly Rack City Freestyle MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

rack rack city b-tch….
get get smacked silly b-tch
i'mma give ya'll 50 bars on this one…..ready?

so what they tryna hate for
they know i'm gettin' paid more
and when i'm in the club, everything i drink is paid for?
you left the picture and missed everything u stayed for
the game gettin' tough but this the sh-t that i was made for
so act up, best believe you gettin' smacked up
pedal to metal i ain't lettin' n-ggas catch up
and we could match up homie we gonn smoke too
cause it's our time and we gonn shine like we supposed to
i told you, i'm the illest with this mic sh-t
spit it off the top, i'ont even gotta write sh-t
my tight sh-t sounds the best when i be dumb high
cause i get harvard brain and i'm far from an alumni
you dumb guys, i do rap and soccer sh-t
you don't see me glow? i'm bout to blow like a rocket ship
u talkin' sh-t i think its best that u dip and hide
cause when i start to flow it be wet like a slip n slide
i'm gettin high u can tell my eyes is bloodshot
take a lotta pictures but i stay away from mugshots
i do my thing boy i always do my sh-t well
rest in peace to em but i'm bout to smoke a big l
brain twisted, soul being lifted
you should hand over the mic like taylor swift did
see what the piff did, feel like i'mma die slow
hit it and a n-gga spit fire like i'm spy-ro
my eyes low, compliments cause i rhyme well
i'm runnin' in your crib like i'm kramer off of seinfeld
you sleepin' boo? i slide thru, like peekaboo
you frozen in shock now ya nickname is pikachu
jeez – i swear i'll try and take it easy
a n-gga need a wife but need some b-tches who are sleazy
for when i'm feelin' low, they know exactly how to please me
to all my n-ggas listenin' i know ya f-ckin' sees me
cause i got b-tches on the side
that'll hop on the d-ck, if i feel like gettin' sidetracked
they ride that til i nut and then i p-ss out
then i give em food and and cab and kick they -ss out…
that's how a player do
and i'mma player who
loves gettin' brain so shout outs to all my players too
and they say hate the game not the player boo
but b-tches doin' circles like muhf-ckin dreidel do
and i'll shake up the whole d-mn place
my punchlines'll punch lines in ya whole d-mn face
i smoke weed and sip goose til i start to get loose
fake n-ggas gimme dap, i leave em hanging no noose, d-mn
you can't battle? well i'll k!ll him myself
a registered s-x offender how i'm feelin' myself
you feelin' the wealth, well i got paper in sight
a lotta n-ggas can't stand how i'm rapin the mic
but all this herb got me lookin' like a china man
everybody know i rap so i rhyme when i can
try and name somebody with as many lines as ya man
time is money guess i gotta lot of time on my hands
and i got paper in my pockets i'm just achin' to burn
n you could shine when its ya time but keep waitin' ya turn
cause its mine n i'mma grind til this paper i earn
and ion preach but ill teach til they blatantly learn
understand i'mma boss, i could never take an off day
cause i'mma be a star who got bucks, no latte s
papi what the ladies love to call me
cause they love when i get it up like wall street
i'm good lookin', rhyme tight, and i flow nuts
krispy kreme workers even sayin' that my dough nuts
i go nuts boy….

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