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Future - Plenty Of Pot MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

my customers love it real
so i only spit the sh-t i feel
and f-ck the washington's and lincolns
i want bigger bills
i k!ll
the instrumental is my destiny
give my heart and soul to ya'll
forget about the rest of me
please,……..except my brain cause i'm insane son
idolized these rappers way before i had became one
but.. i ain't a rapper i just learned to talk
over melodies, and take my listeners for verbal walks
so, i'm flowin deadlier than cancer be
future such a problem, ain't n0body got the answer sheet… see
plus i'm the sh-t i know you peep the smell
lyrically and s-xually she say i'm always deep as h-ll
….always deep as h-ll
somethin like the ocean cause her throat is goin deep as well
……feel like i need an l
always got them bars like a n-gga fell asleep in jail

[lauryn hill verse]

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