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Future - Life Of A G MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[intro: future]
you see, i'm not the average n-gga, scream
i'm an extravagant n-gga
these my words

hood rich, b-tch
dj scream heavy in the streets, n-gga
scream, scream, scream

[hook 1]
caught up in these streets, i can't be safe
i'm paid, put my soul in every line or in the gave grenade
i feel rage, my lil cuz in the cage
the da say they got a body on him and a witness
i go blank-eyed in the studio and try to f-ck up my kidneys, i get ignant
that kush and that drank i had for bean get my spirit uplifted
i take off like a rocket for my n-ggas who back home sitting in
645 bmws [?]

dj scream, heavy in the streets

[hook 1]

hood rich

[verse 1: future]
[?] this good living
i'm paranoid in the streets, because i live it
i'm hungry, and i know it
cause i done been where you was, that's why i keep that tool lit
because if you budge, it's bow

[hook 2 (2x)]
ordinary life of a g
is ordinary life for me
middle finger to my enemies
gotta shake them haters offa your sleeve
by any means you gotta succeed

dj scream

[verse 2: future]
[?] army camouflage, but don't [?]
i f-ck your broad, take your heart, n-gga play your cards
i take the odds and i go hard when n-ggas them trip the charge
i'm on the phone with wu, while he in the yard
every time he hit the line, i pick up every time
i might just sit sack, spin a dime, ease my mind
i'm doing fine, i hit the grind and feel it like i'm blind
‘cause all i'm seeing n-ggas all the biggies in your city
a product of my city, the binges, the bentley
the gt, the contour, no convo, it's pr-nto
your head honcho, congo gorilla n-ggas
i'm dressed in all black, i had to k!ll them n-ggas

[hook 2]

hood rich

[hook 2]

it's dj scream

[outro: dj scream]
oh yeah that's right
little rich and the a1 movement is at it again to bring you another street cl-ssic

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