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Foxy Brown - Nothin MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[foxy brown]
ayo yoyoyo one two one two (oh!)
brooklyn is definetly in the building tonight y'all!
this is the remix, i'm in the best shape of my life
oh yes i mean..
home girl i came to party (okay)
young mans watchin my body (ohh!)
he's a haggle and no i'm not baggin him (uhh ooh!)
but you don't want the girls to come over and start
askin him
what you wanna do, n-gg-? (nothin')
what you tryin to do, n-gg-? (nothin')
what you wanna do, n-gg-? (nothin')
what you tryin to do (yeah!)
i'll show you how to do this hun, what?
how y'all want it my pumps is 900
these ain't polo, n-gg-, these is manolo
twist rovers y'all runnin's over
i grooves on with a mean diddy bop
and an h-todd jean and a good shoe on now
catch me in the hood stylin proper
them dudes say i spit like a dude in a b-tch body
home boy, i'm drunk in the club and won't hurl
home boy, i'm leavin the club with white girl
home boy, get out of my face and just taste
home boy, i'm leavin this spot with new case
uh-oh, see these n-gg-s gotta stay in they lanes
with a clown -ss foxy and they ain't the same
at the white boy club, while i'm buyin the bar
they like hey now you still an all star (heh heh)
[pharrell williams]
playboy, we came to party (ohh!)
your b-tch was tryna f-ck me (ohh!)
she's a haggler naw i'm not taggin her (uhh ohh!)
but you don't want them boys to come over and start
askin ya (ohh!)
what you wanna do? (nothin')
what you tryna to do? (nothin')
what y'all wanna do? (nothin')
what the f-ck y'all tryna to do
well i'm known to keep it thorough in the mc field
we ain't

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