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Foxy Brown - Interlude The Set Up MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[restauraunt background noise]

[waiter] welcome to the shark bar, do you have reservations?
[foxy] yeah, two for brown
[waiter] right this way
[man] reservations?
[foxy] ahahahah

[piano keys, crowd background]

[foxy] baby
[man] yo whattup?
[foxy] we need to talk
[man] talk about what?
[foxy] i'm stressed the f-ck out
[man] what are you stressed out about?
[foxy] this relationship… this relationship!
[man] what?
[foxy] this sh-t ain't goin right
[man] you f-ckin crazy?
[waiter] excuse me, excuse me
[foxy] calm down, you always make sh-t
[man] yo what i told you about that sh-t?
[waiter] miss brown?
[foxy] n-gg- you always… yes?
[waiter] you have a courtesy call at the desk
[foxy] hold on baby

[foxy gets up]

[foxy] if i could take this back, i would
[man] yeah yeah, whatever man, f-ck you and your t-ts babe fuhreal
if i can play again i will
i should, go on back and play more, f-ck that
probably thinks that she's taken though
yo motherf-cker, we ain't come to talk, you b-tch
[firm] yeah motherf-cker the firm n-gg-
[man] f-ck y'all talkin about man?
[firm] firm motherf-cker
[man] y'all know who the f-ck i am? y'all know who the f-ck i am?
[firm] the firm n-gg-, the firm… the firm n-gg-
[nan] y'all f-ckin crazy?
[two shots fired]

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