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Flo Milli - No Hook MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

you do what they do 'cause you can't fit in
wait, hold up, woah
flo milli, flo milli

you do what they do 'cause you can't fit in (oh)
i do what i want 'cause i know who i am (i'm poppin')
i twerked on him, now he think i'm a dancer (yeah)
no hair like my p~ssy got cancer
and it didn't get no chemo, wet as f~ck i call it nemo (it's drippin')
scarin' b~tches like i'm [?]
you really don't want no smoke
we all know that you a ho (a b~tch)
i'm not a thug, i don't be in these streets
but if you pull up, you gon' feel this heat (boom)
who the h~ll would i be if i let you disrespect me?
why do n~ggas wanna test me?
people talkin' but they messy (shut the f~ck up)
she want beef so i'm eating my veggies
don't need practice, i'm ready
flow so sick that's it's deadly (huh, yeah) (flo milli, flo milli)
i'm a five star, no patrick (haha)
hunnid dollar bills under my mattress
b~tch, you a actress, you need to stop (girl, you need to cut it)
i'm on the stairwell, headed to the stop
shout out to gates, b~tch, we don't get tired (h~ll no)
constantly working, 365
i sleep my demons off, i am alive
don't ever lose faith, just put your trust in god (that way)
i'm on my grind
all i wanna do is get some money
but it feel like the paper is runnin' from me
if you don't like me, get a stool and get over it
respect the fact that i'm chosen
to these lame hoes, i'm the coldest (yeah)
they be bitin' my swag lika a rodent
girl, i'm the best and you know it
you ain't real, i'm exposin'
if you talkin' sh~t, hope you can back it up
'cause i'on give no mercy when it's time to buck
and you hoes mad 'cause i'm poppin'
step back, you know how i'm comin', don't stop me (that way)
stay in your lane like a parent at carpool
me and my b~tches will do you
pop yo' ass like yo' mama do
keep on talkin' sh~t, my boyfriend, he will introduce you to his tool (grra, grra)
you haters, just get out my way
i'm on a mission, i ain't come here to play
competition, i eat 'em up like steak
i been a savage since the first grade (21, 21)
i'm just warmin' up like a propane
don't approach me if you ain't got no game
sole ass, you are such a lame (okay, okay)
hand me that money, just keep me the fame
that b~tch, she mad 'cause i'm winning (aha)
mumblin' sh~t but can't say it like a real b~tch (speak with your chest)
hatin' hoes, i don't f~ck with those but they stay on my d~ck like they h~rny
i know you think that you funny but all your jokes are mad corny
why you keep coming for me?
b~tch, you like like dumb like dory (where's nemo?)
i stole your man, let you tell the story (he mine, he mine)
mama never taught me how to be a hater
you always mad, b~tch, go get you some paper (where your money at?)
[?] b~tch with a miserable life
i'm doin' sum' right 'cause i got a type
never let a punk b~tch try you twice
girl, be direct, do you wanna fight?
you ain't 'bout all that sh~t that you talking
i'll leave your ass with a limp when you walking (d~mn, d~mn, d~mn)
that way, lil' bitty wh0re (d~mn, d~mn, d~mn)
don't speak on my name anymore
she suckin' d~ck, now she got a sore
gassed up, i'm fallin' on the floor
if you ain't talkin' money then there's the door
and ain't no hook on this beat (wait, hold up, wait, wait)
i just talk my sh~t then i leave, yeah
ain't no hook on this beat (hold up, woah)
(hold up, woah) ain't no hook on this beat
flo milli, flo milli

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