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Finneas - Angel MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

[verse 1]
you've been pretending to be human
so well
might even fool the neighbors
reading your sunday papers
i won't tell
but i know better than to
bring up the weather with you
and talk about the rain
after you fall asleep, i'll
kiss both your eyes and cheeks
i know we're not the same

you're an angel
in disguise
you're an angel
in my eyes

[verse 2]
i bought a house to live in
but you're the home i'm missin'
i know
nothing good lasts forever
but nights with you are better
so go slow
i never knew i needed you
before i found you for the first time, hmm
i'm out of step, i'm off my feet
i'm waking up inside a dream
teach me how to fly

you're an angel
in disguise
you're an angel
in my eyes

ah, ah, woo, woo
ah, ah, woo, woo

you're an angel
in my eyes
you're an angel
are you mine, mine, mine
tonight (woo)
tonight, tonight (woo, woo)

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