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Erica Banks - Jump Off E Mix MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

on god

first off, checkin' in, i ain't never checkin' out
every time i eat the beat, they be like: “who you checkin' out?”
this is rap, baby, i thought this is what the check about
been the sh~t, i been legit, now take a pic to check me out
teaser, you don't need a breeder
hope that i don't play it 'til i made her a believer
he know he's a cheater, he be all in my sh~t
i was talkin' back, just how i know she can't be my b~tch
b~tch, please, i'm the motherf~ckin' b~i~c
f~ck a b~tch, you got a problem? she can d~i~e
flow r~t~rded, see what i got, they come and see 'bout me
got a ho that's on my part, that come and see 'bout three
i am the school, i got the juice
been ‘head the hoes and been ‘head the coupe
kinda c~cky, i ain't humble when i say it
try to move the house 'cause i am not the b~tch to play with
p~ssies follow me
i'm the b~tch that everybody wanna be
and i'm the b~tch that everybody wanna see
and i'm the b~tch that everybody wanna freak
you can get it in the coupe
been the one and i ain't never number two
beat it up, just come and put me in the booth
who mad at me 'cause i'm the motherf~ckin' truth?
you can get it
and i done did it, what's the motherf~ckin' gain?
b~tch, everytime you see me, i'ma be a motherf~ckin' ten
and, b~tch, don't ever play with me and my motherf~ckin' pen
you get what i'm sayin'?

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