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Elton John - Red MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu


1. red (instrumental)

2. fallen angel

tears of joy at the birth of a brother
never alone from that time
sixteen years through knife fights and danger
strangely why his life not mine

west side skyline crying
fallen angel dying
risk a life to make a dime

lifetimes spent on the streets of a city
make us the people we are
switchblade stings in one tenth of a moment
better get back to the car

snow white side streets of cold new york city
stained with his blood it all went wrong
sick and tired blue wicked and wild
god only knows for how long

fallen angel
fallen angel
west side skyline
crying for an angel dying
life expiring in the city
fallen angel…

3. one more red nightmare

pan american nightmare
ten thousand feet fun-fair
convinved that i don't care
it's safe as houses i swear
i was just sitting musing
the virtues of cruising
when alt-tude dropping
my ears started popping
one more red nightmare

sweat beginning to pour down
my neck as i turn round
i heard fortune shouting
just get off of this outing
a farewell swan song
see you know how turbulence can be
the stewardess made me (-see note-)
one more red nightmare

reality stirred me
my angel had heard me
the prayer had been answered
a reprieve has been granted
the dream was now broken
thought rudely awoken
really safe and sound
asleep on the greyhound
one more red nightmare

4. providence (instrumental)

5. starless

sundown dazzling day
gold through my eyes
but my eyes turned within
only see
starless and bible black

ice blue silver sky
fades into grey
to a grey hope that oh years to be
starless and bible black

old friend charity
cruel twisted smile
and the smile signals emptiness
for me
starless and bible black

lyrics taken without permission from a j-panese recording of red

-note, though it is not listed there is a one after “the stewardess…”
i believe it is “but the captain forbade me” could be that the cd is
definitive edition, the lyrics may not be, but i really don't know,
it's not unusual for thigs to be odd like that (ohh, that made sense)

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