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Ed Sheeran - Two Blokes And A Double Bass MP3 dan Lirik Lagu

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Lirik Lagu

sing the song celestial man
shake the thing your mother gave ya!
tear your lungs out, scream your heart
be on your worst behaviour
i'd wager that you're gonna take it
make you fight nature, born and raised in
funk those things that make you go b-mp in the night
turn off the dark, put on the light
and he said ‘you and your big cheeks have got me'
along with ‘disarm' and ‘flooded quarry'
turn off the base with the beat-box detox
pull off the pace, while you sing with no socks
lampshades, carpets, the stage black
you make the room's hands laugh as they clap
you make my mouth water with support acts
they could even match you in talent – ignore that!
gary dunne and newton faulkner ain't wrong
he's got me singing to ‘amerikan folk song'
loop pedal cl-ss is used as weaponry
you gotta know your enemy
gotta check your distance
don't talk, only whisper
slap the base so hard you get blisters
chikka boom, boom, chikka boom
jp beat-box, feet as flip-flops
doing the hip hop, mixed with the warm sock
and stephanie propped up, up by the mic stand
this ain't no fake, it's music in your hand
as you run into the centre of the crowd
silence falls like water
you just wanna shout ‘wow!'
how did they even have the guts to do it ?
if your name's nizlopi, then there ain't much to it
‘cos you and your big cheeks have got me spinning around now

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